Dark intrigues in Italy

di Gabriella Gagliardini

Yesterday, 19th May 2014 a worrying broadcast, anchored by Alessandro Banfi on Rete 4, resumed all the steps about the presumed financial plot against Italy.

Banfi, a good journalist, anticipated the whole matter, last year, in another broadcast by the title “The big Speculation”, starting from the American financial crisis of 2008 until nowadays. By the previous broadcast Banfi highlighted several anomalies about speculation against our Country. The whole broadcast was documented by witnesses and opinions of famous economists in the world who presumed a big speculation planned and accomplished for Italy damage.

With the broadcast of yesterday (“The big speculation 2”), the same journalist concluded what he started to sustain previously, in the strength of these recent news about the matter, thanks to Alan Friedman’s book (“Let us kill the serval”) and to Timothy Geithner’s book (“Stress test”). Both are supporting the theory of non-democratic plot in order to make the unique government elected by the people collapse, the Silvio Berlusconi’s, by eliminating also the same leader from the politic scene.

“Everybody knows that the President of Republic replaced S. Berlusconi with Mario Monti, but nobody knows how and since Giorgio Napolitano has been preparing himself, in order to accomplish to that tactic.

According to the documented facts, to great reconstructions and witnesses, put together by the writer (A. Friedman), the President of Republic, presumably pushed by the sense of responsibility, started several movements, not all correct or they were a misunderstood interpretation of our Constitution. Near the end of 2011, the President stopped the government and changed the Prime Minister, suddenly, in the middle of a serious Euro crisis period, concerning Italy. He did all that without consulting the Parliament.” 

So, Alan Friedman describes Giorgio Napolitano in his book, calling him “ex pure communist with cunning brain” and “ a President too much interventionist”.

This idea was, also, in the Financial Times, described as a “forced intervention”.

In that period, Juin-July 2011, the President Napolitano didn’t limited himself to meet Monti previously (nearly 4-5 months before changing the Prime Minister), to prepare to be at Silvio Berlusconi’s place, but asked Passera to write a secret plan to relaunch Italy. So, a government plan was written, with details; that should help Monti during his future government. In the same book of Friedman we can read: “ May be, the most hard critics about that change of government, in November 2011, came from extreme left man, Piero Sansonetti, an ex militant with a good memory about his last days in the communist party”. The day after the nomination of Monti as prime Minister, Sansonetti said: “Napolitano and a large portion of the old hierarchical communist group never had a good relationship with democracy”.

Coming back to the broadcast of Banfi, the same Friedman defended the moral integrity of American minister Geithner who confirmed the European plot against Italy and against S. Berlusconi, contradicting the same words of Napolitano who said about the matter: “That is all smoke”. Friedman described the person of Geithner as a very serious technician, absolutely believable when he wrote that European persons hoped in American support to their dark intrigues, but at that period, America replied: “We cannot stain our hands of his (Berlusconi) blood”!

The same Friedman in the inquiring- broadcast concluded: “In any State, for specific suspicious would be opened a Parliamentary inquiring committee and the President of Republic would resign; in Italy, everything is different, nothing happens”!

To tell the truth, the loyal of Association “Save Italians” wrote a complaint to the Public Prosecutor’s Office about the silence around the suspected financial golpe that eliminated Berlusconi, for the following crimes: “Attack against State’s integrity and independence” (art. 241 C.P.), “subversive association” (art.270 C.P. ), “encroachment of political power” (art.287 C.P.), “attack against citizens political rights”(art.294 C.P.). The complaint is against the members of government, Giorgio Napolitano, Angela Merkel, and against the governors of European Central Bank and Bank of Italy, Jean Claude Trichet e Mario Draghi.

A year ago, even the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Trani (Italy) opened an inquiry against national and foreigner persons for International Financial Fraud. The inquiry is still on.

The several pieces composing the whole mosaic of Italian political-financial scene are concordant and never contradictory; however, many others are missing; what we think, as Italian citizens, is that a darker situation was only at the period of the world wars. Nowadays, it seems that gunfights are out of fashion, in order to give place to more refined plans, made by diabolic minds at international level; can be a second cold war, a financial one?!

The aim, however, is always the same: the conquest of power!


 Translated by Gabriella Gagliardini

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