Secret Services: An infiltrated ship in the Mediterranean Sea?


Signal and Communication Intelligence: We  are in the blue sea where, from the deepness, you can catch signals and sounds…


It is a secret and delicate German operation about informations, controlled by KSA (Strategic Reconnaissance Command) that is under Angela Merkel’s approval.

Bunderstag denies the knowledge of this operation and says that, even it is a military matter, the Government Merkel must inform either the Parliament or the public opinion.

At the present, the ship called Oker seems to be engaged against Syria of Assad, but, going around the Mediterranean Sea, it is possible that it can spy all the informations of the other Countries.

Is there the possibility that we are in front of new strategic technologies leading to another cold war?


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by Daniel Pipes
June 21, 2012
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National Review Online


Oil Pipeline Bypasses the Strait of Hormuz

Abu Dhabi, one of the United Arab Emirates’ seven member states, has prepared for the possibility of an Iranian closure of the Strait of Hormuz, the critical waterway through which about 17 percent of the world’s energy passes; today marked the opening of the Habshan-Fujairah oil pipeline that carries its crude to another UAE state.

Started in 2008, the 225-mile-long pipeline is four-feet in diameter, it cost about US$2.7 billion and it carries 600-700 thousand barrels per day with the goal of increasing that to 1.4 million or even 1.8 million barrels per day. Along with the pipeline, Abu Dhabi’s government is building a US$3 billion, 200,000-barrel-a-day refinery at the pipeline’s termination, Fujairah in the Gulf of Oman.

Comment: Not only does the pipeline insure the export of Abu Dhabi’s Murban blend crude, but it also protects it from hiked up insurance premiums in case of hostilities. This little-noticed news item is fraught with implications for the future of the energy market and for Gulf Cooperation Council relations with Iran. (June 21, 2012)


Secret Services: the Truth without Voice

di Marco Federico



Everybody seeks the truth but a few persons have the courage to make it public… We are living in a very thin and impalpable hypocrisy which is convenient for everybody except for someone who dares to go out from the “chorus”, mindless of the consequences. To fight and defend the truth is like to enter the mine field: many persons will try to make it different or to hide it… It is very difficult to find some allies in this battle, usually men prefer the power and the powerful persons in order to reach their goals. We have examples of great men who risked and lost their life in their pursuit of the truth and justice, who were not deterred by obstacles or threats, but they continued along their way until they achieved the ultimate aim. In the world where we are living, in any situations, in the complicated or in the simple ones, it is difficult for the truth to come out, it is possible that one can hide it in order to transform it into many little truths for pushing people into confusion. Everybody can give voice to the different hidden truths. May be they have been locked for too long in the mythical “Pandora’s box”. Certainly, to try to open it could be very dangerous, but it could be the beginning of a new democratic society, where the State represents, for every citizen, a reference point and not an “abstract entity” or “ a public enemy”. 

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 Marco Federico

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Nevertheless Islamic common religion, according to the journalist-writer Daniel Pipes, the tension between these two countries will increase more and more until a serious conflict.

The reason of that, between Iran and Turkey might be the riot of Syrian people aiming to dethrone Bashar al Assad.

The reaction of two countries towards Syrian riot is different: Turkey houses Syrian families leaving their country to find refuge…..

Iran does not want the Bashar al Assad’s downfall because his regime is the real possibility of Iran’s expansion towards Middle East and the opportunity to contrast either Israel or United States.

In the meantime, everybody in the world is waiting for the catch of Kaddafi, but what is hidden behind “the Mediterranean’s triangle?” (Asia, Africa and Europe) Moreover, which other strategies will carry out?

Marco Federico


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Can be Herat an intercultural centre?

Herat, during the past summer, was the place where 12 persons died, ambushed by the Talibans.

The NATO, through the General Secretary Rasmussen, announced, in August, the creation an “Experts Counsel”, in order to plan the missions abroad. By the way, what is about to constitute in Herat an intercultural centre?

This will be a project to realize with various European and American Universities (even the Russian one, due to the recent visit, the 16th December 2009, of Rasmussen in Moscow). It can be a kind of laboratory to promote exchanging ideas between experts and collect documents about migrations. Modern society calls everybody to establish relations of cooperation and find useful resources in order to act and do the projects of integration.

In the meantime, Sunnis and Shiites are continuously migrating towards Herat, due to its economical increase and by influence of the near Islamic Republic of Iran.

The town is in the strategic point along the commercial way among India, China, Middle East and Europe. Nowadays also, the streets of Herat towards Iran, Turkmenistan, Mazar-el-Sharif and Kandahar are strategically important.

All that is helping the knowledge of problematic and, may be, it is the right way to resolutions of Middle East’s matter.

I think that can be useful to control better Iranian Nuclear Dossier, and to try to go on with “peace plan” between Israelians and Palestinians, may be to take again the report between Teheran and Washington, stopped 30 years ago. We know that there are interests of every country, even those fighting Iran.

Germany asked further exchanging, Turkey asks for more openings for licenses of Iranian gas natural fields, the same matter for China, for Iranian oil supply. In the meantime, India is going to sign a contract to build a gas pipeline.

We hope that it will not change the equilibrium of different powers in the area.

We have to think about..